Happenings in Literacy Month 读书月精彩继续

Snow White, Little Red, Iron Man, Little Dinosaur, Alice... Many cute characters and books were marching on the SLIS campus to give our Literacy Month so much fun! Bring your favorite book, read it in depth to fully understand the features of the character you want to play, and dress yourself up as your favorite book character. Then you can stop fantasizing about being a character in the book, because you are really the leading role in the book this day. The first Book Character Parade was successfully held on November 8. We look forward to developing this event into a campus tradition of SLIS in the future.

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Cantonese Opera Masters Perform at SLIS粤剧名家进校园

A special performance of opera highlights was staged at SLIS on the afternoon of November 6. It was hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Sports, undertaken by the Shenzhen Theatre, and co-organized by the Zhuo Peili Cantonese Opera Studio. In order to give the children a diverse cultural experience and to inherit the classics, the school added Cantonese Opera to its ASA Club courses this year. On November 6, a student of the Cantonese Opera club had the chance to share the stage with Ms. Zhuo Peili, the winner of Plum Blossom Prize, the highest theatrical award in China, as well as other leading performing artists, Mr. Chen Wending, Mr. Qin Yigong, Ms. Zhou Yiying and Ms. Bai Shanshan, bring us a wonderful feast of sight and sound.

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Learning without Wall at the Safari Park泛在大课堂| 走进野生动物园

Grade 1 visited the Shenzhen Safari Park to have a lesson of Learning without Wall on November 6. At the kingdom of animals, the children got to know various beasts and birds such as the South China tiger, golden monkey, tigon, panda, peacock and parrot. They had learned the classification of animals and discussed the homes of animals in class during Unit 2, a Unit of Inquiry about "Sharing the Planet", and the trip to the safari park helped them understand the knowledge in practice.

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