Outdoor Experience in Conghua 我们去露营啦!

Everything comes to life in spring. All the teachers and students of Grade 4 went for a three-day trip last week, which is part of our approach holistic education for older primary students in line with the requirements of the PYP program. This also aims to implement SLIS's philosophy of "Learning without Walls" to creat an invisible classroom for students. It was the first time for them to stay away from their familiar surroundings without the company of their parents. On the morning of March 20, led by the homeroom teachers and sports teacher, they were excited to set off for Conghua. What were the highlights of the three-day journey? Do they have any special moments? Have they learned to be independent? We have some nice photos to go with the story.

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Happenings at Learning Celebration 竹子舞、做风筝、调饮料,十八般武艺展示学习成果

After having spent five weeks at school, students ended their study of Unit 4. On the afternoon of March 22, the first Learning Celebration of this semester was held as scheduled. Students played musical instruments, made paper kites, mixed drinks, and designed posters to decorate their classrooms. They made full use of their skills to demonstrate the learning outcome for their parents. They were eager to present their achievements. What have students shown during the celebration? Let's take a look!

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