A Message from the Founding Principal

Founding Principal

I am delighted and honoured to be here today in the role as Founding Principal at Shenwai Longgang International School. I consider my role an enormous privilege and I look forward to both serving you and working with you in partnership. I always look to work in partnership with all aspects of the school community. You will discover I am a very transparent, active, hands on principal. You will see me constantly around the world watching students learning. The joy of students learning is why I am in education.

I am really excited about this new school project and working for one of the most well respected brands of education in Shenzhen, with many years of experience in delivering the highest quality of education. Since arriving in Shenzhen I have been amazed by how advanced systems are working well in this city. I have been amazed by how lives are made smooth and easy here by the clever use of technology. Shenzhen has a fantastic metro and airport. I am really excited by this new city.

To give you a little background on myself, I was trained in education in the UK where I completed my BA and Masters. I taught in the UK for a decade before starting in International education in 2002. I have held various leadership posts in Indonesia, Oman, Saudi Arabia and most recently in Dubai.

I am a great supporter of the IB and I have worked with all four of its programmes so as our school grows I have the knowledge and experience as we introduce the MYP and DP programs later. I have led schools through successful IB authorisation and I have good contact with IB established over many years.

I have introduced the PYP in 2 previous schools and set up new schools from the beginning in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Small new schools give us a great opportunity to know each other well and for every child to get differentiated individual care. I loved the opportunity to start small schools in Asia and the Middle East and to see them grow.

However, no two schools are the same, and in establishing SLIS it will be very important to integrate and respect Chinese culture while at the same time to establish international mindedness.

As parents I understand you will naturally be anxious to understand the PYP and we will be providing training for parents on our curriculum and how you can help your child at home. If you are a visitor to our school site and are interested in enrolling your child please contact admissions to arrange a school tour. We look forward to meeting and serving you.

Neil Bunting

Founding Principal
Mobile 86 13827440574
Shenwai Longgang International School
Huancheng East Rd., Longgang, Shenzhen
(Temporary Campus at Block C2 Shenzhen High School of Science)


Tel: +86 755 2891 0303 | Email: neil.bunting@slis.net.cn