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Shenwai Longgang International School

Shenwai Longgang International School (SLIS) has been initially invested in, and established by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, and is managed by Shenzhen Foreign Languages School. The permanent site for the school is located in Bantian Town of Longgang District, with a gross area of 51,000 square metres. The construction work has started in 2017 and will end in 2020. The school will have an exquisite natural ambience. It is close to the mountains and next to a reservoir.

The target audience for students include expatriate children, and children with permanent residence of foreign countries or residents from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan. The curriculum will cover primary and secondary school level, with a projected overall size of 48 classes and 20 students per class.

The transitional campus of Shenwai Longgang International School is located at Block C2 of Shenzhen High School of Science. The school commenced operations on 1 September 2017, and is currently offering courses for Grade 1 through Grade 5. The faculty includes 36 members and is comprised of both expatriate and local teachers with substantial working experience. The ratio for expatriate and local teacher is 1:1.

SLIS aims in future to offer a globally recognised and rigorous international programme. SLIS intends to meet the dynamic needs of student learning and further studies in the future. Meanwhile, the new school will also be providing courses related to Chinese language and traditional culture, and gradually create its own course structure. At primary school level, the core syllabus will develop children holistically. The courses to be offered include: English, Chinese language and culture, Mathematics, Science, Social studies, Information technology, Arts, Physical health and Social education.

In order to enrich the school life, the school also offers a number of after school activities (ASA), such as Japanese, Russian, Music Theory, Museum education, Ukulele, PiPa, Dancing, Yoga, Flute, Clarinet, Basketball, Football, Chinese Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Makers Club, Drone Flyers Club, Cantonese opera, Junior MUN and World Scholars'Cup.

Shenwai Longgang International School is a candidate school for the PYP. This school is pursuing authorisation as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy and commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education- that we believe is important for our students.


Shenwai Longgang International School is committed to the rigour and the rounded values of the International Baccalaureate programme, developing students who have a clear sense of moral purpose. At SLIS we are nurturing leaders in technology who are global networkers, with a strong grounding in Chinese culture.



Global mindfulness

Learning without boundaries

Pursuit of technological innovation

Understanding of cultural inheritance

Grounded moral awareness with humility


Learning Without Walls

The narrow sense concept of learning without walls was raised by Mark D. Weiser, a computer scientist and chief technology officer at Xerox PARC, which means student learning everywhere. We will implement the concept of learning without walls, which intends to create a learning environment that is supported by mobile and embedded computers and wireless networks in our everyday life. At the initial stage, we have formulated plans for students learning in the family, the community as well as music halls, museums and the nature, which will provide students with international mind-set and get familiar with Chinese traditional culture. We also break down the barriers of traditional classrooms, leveraging on distance learning platforms and Skype, to make share global education resources in a variety of subjects and disciplines. We organise students for study trips both at home and abroad, and encourage them to participate in different contest and competitions in art and PE, which is aimed to provide them with all sorts of learning activities.

Studying with High Technology

We encourage students to study with high technology. Bantian region in Shenzhen is considered as an important element of hi-tech industry, which has attracted dozens of well-known enterprises. The importance of technology is emphasised in our mission. We focus on fostering students’ abilities in making use of hi-tech products, making them better at imagination and creativity. All classrooms, laboratories, sports equipment and other facilities within our new campus, are able to meet the latest technological requirements.

Building Global Networking

We guide students to build up their global network through external interaction with the outside world. We focus on students’ communication skills and encourage students to learn more languages. As the society puts a high emphasis on international mindedness and cross-cultural awareness, it is important for our students to be grounded with Chinese culture and be open-minded at the same time. Based on the powerful education resources within the IB organization (IBO), we will create a good network for international partnership, and develop our students as international elites.

Upholding Moral Education

Moral education is indispensable with the long Chinese history. This coincides with core values in international education, such as respect, responsibility, friendliness, fairness, sharing, etc. Based on IB learner profile, we encourage students to become principled, open-minded, reflective learners and treasure their own cultural essence. We believe that it is highly important for students to have wholesome personality and high moral standards.

Integrating Chinese and Western Culture

As an international school rooted in China, we integrate the Western value with the Chinese value, inherit Chinese culture and make best use of the strength in tradition Chinese education, while leveraging on advance philosophy for education. We actively explore a unique path to develop the international education in China. The school leadership team (SLT) focuses on adequate communication and collaboration between local and expatriate staff members, which intends to provide a good learning experience with balanced and harmonious inputs of both Chinese and Western cultures.







深圳外国语学校(龙岗)国际部为IB小学阶段课程准授权学校(candidate school for the PYP),学校正在进行国际文凭世界学校(IB World School)的申请认证。国际文凭世界学校(IB World School)认同并执行一系列的严格要求——为学生提供高质量且富有挑战性的国际课程。







一 构建“泛在”大课堂


二 推进“高新”大交互


三 打造“国际”大网络


四 培养“德育”大格局


五 融贯“中西”大文化



Building Strong Communities through the Arts通过艺术建立强大的社区
Ms. Barbara Grotowska

When I first came to Shenzhen in 2011 the popular slogan caught my attention: "You are a Shenzhener as soon as you get here". Frankly, as much as I wanted to make this new place my home, for years I still felt like an outsider. I had a family, friends, and acquaintances, but no sense of belonging.

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Our Musical Journey Around the World SLIS环球音乐之旅

On the afternoon of May 9, beautiful melodies echoed around the SLIS campus when the International Music Concert was staged in the auditorium. Students of all four grades at SLIS presented their singing of 13 songs in 60 minutes. Students led the audience on a global journey of childhood music, from China to the Philippines, from the UK to Ireland, and from Poland to South Africa...

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