About SLIS

Shenwai Longgang International School

Shenwai Longgang International School (SLIS) has been initially invested in, and established by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, and is managed by Shenzhen Foreign Languages School.

The permanent site for the school is located in Bantian Town of Longgang District, with a gross area of 51,000 square metres. The construction work is expected to start this year, and end in 2019. The architectural design was provided by a renowned international architecture firm. The school will have an exquisite natural ambience. It is close to the mountains and next to a river.

The target audience for students include expatriate children, children with permanent residence of foreign countries, and children who are permanent residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The curriculum will cover primary, and secondary school level, with a projected overall size of 48 classes and 20 students per class. The school plans to work in partnership with International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and offer the IB programme which is recognised worldwide. This is intended to meet the dynamic needs of SLIS students for their learning and further studies in the future. Meanwhile, the school will also be providing courses related to Chinese language and traditional culture, and gradually create its own unique course structure.

The transitional campus of Shenwai Longgang International School is located at Block C2 of Shenzhen High School of Science. The school commenced operations on 1 September 2017, and currently offers courses for grade 1 through grade 4. For this academic year, there are about 30 students at school. The faculty includes 30 members and is comprised of both expatriate and local teachers with substantial teaching experience. In order to enrich the school life, the school also offers a number of after school activities (ASA), such as French, Japanese, Russian, arts and science, world history, ukulele, marimba, flute, harp, piano, dancing, football, taekwondo, yoga, calligraphy, cooking and making-club.


Shenwai Longgang International School is committed to the rigour and the rounded values of the International Baccalaureate programme, developing students who have a clear sense of moral purpose. At SLIS we are nurturing leaders in technology who are global networkers, with a strong grounding in Chinese culture.



Global mindfulness

Learning without boundaries

Pursuit of technological innovation

Understanding of cultural inheritance

Grounded moral awareness with humility


Learning Without Walls

We intend to create a learning environment that is supported by mobile and embedded computers and wireless networks in our everyday lives. We envisage by combining the use of technology and student learning in the family and within the community, we will make important and pertinent links between an international outlook and Chinese traditional culture.

Studying with (high) technology

We will encourage our students to make full use of technology. Bantian region is considered as an important region in the technology industry in Shenzhen, which has attracted dozens of well-known enterprises, such as Huawei, Huntkey, Xintianxia, KTC, etc. We also intend to introduce interactive learning models by applying artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Global networking

Through our schools intended involvement with the international school community, we will create a conducive network for international partnership, and develop our students as international leaders and networkers.

Moral education.

We will make moral education a key focus. We recognize the fact that the essence of Chinese history and culture is closely related to moral education, which shares the core values of IB philosophy. As such, we will put a strong focus on our students’ morality, and we will look to equip our students with a sound personality.

The integration of western and Chinese values and culture.

SLIS will make the best use of traditional Chinese education, alongside IB philosophy. We will explore a unique path to develop IB education in China.



深圳外国语学校(龙岗)国际部 Shenwai Longgang International School(简称SLIS)是由深圳市政府投资兴建,深圳外国语学校管理的一所国际学校。学校位于龙岗坂田片区,校园占地面积5.1万平方米,预计于今年动工建设,2019年竣工启用。学校由国际知名建筑设计单位设计,依山傍水,环境优美。学校招收外籍(持外国护照或永久居住证)或港澳台学生,招生规模覆盖小学、初中、高中学段,设计班级规模48个教学班,每班20人,实行小班化教学。学校已通过了IB候选学校的申请,引入国际通用的IB课程体系,满足学生多元化的学习和升学需求,同时为学生提供中国传统及语言文化的国学教育,并逐步建立自主知识产权的课程体系。

深圳外国语学校(龙岗)国际部过渡校区设在深圳科学高中C2栋,已于2017年9月1日正式开学,共设小学一至三年级,每个年级1个班,现有学生人数30人左右,全球招聘有经验的中外籍教育者23人,中外教师比例达到1:1.4。小学阶段以IB PYP基础教育阶段小学课程为主。此外,学校还开设了法语、日语、俄语、艺术与科学、世界音乐史、尤克里里、马林巴、长笛、竖琴、钢琴、舞蹈、足球、跆拳道、瑜伽、书法、烹饪、创客工坊、帆船、桨板、马术、STEM实验室等ASA课程。







一 构建“泛在”大课堂(learning without wall)


二 推进“高新”大交互(studying with HI-technology)


三 打造“国际”大网络(building global networking)


四 培养“德育”大格局(moral education)


五 融贯“中西”大文化(the integration of western and Chinese values and culture)