Life in Shenzhen

China’s Youngest City

Shenzhen is a vibrant young city that attracts people from Asia for employment

opportunities. The soaring skyscrapers and shopping emporia of the business

district stand in delightful contrast to the lush green mountains and sandy

beaches. It is a city with something for everyone.


Shenzhen has a subtropical climate, with temperate conditions for nearly half

the year. Spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons,

with plenty of sunshine, occasional showers, and pleasantly cool evenings.

Summers are very hot, and the rainy season runs from June to August.

Winters are mild and dry, with the temperature rarely dipping below 10°C.

Shenzhen does experience occasional typhoons and tropical storms from April

through October. Visit the Observatory website for daily weather updates.


Shenzhen metro is an efficient, reliable and environmental friendly way to get

around the city. A single journey normal ticket in the metro costs 2 RMB to

14 RMB and a single journey business ticket of Line 11 costs three times as

much as travel fare ofnormal ticket.

Taxi can be hired through a popular APP called DiDi.


Shenzhen is a veritable melting pot of world cuisine, with delights for every

taste and budget. Cantonese dim sum and congee are two Cantonese foods

locals eat a lot of, and you might like to try them, but foreign foods and food

from other regions such as pizza, steak, Sichuan hot pot, stir-fry dishes.


Shenzhen is an immigrant city and Mandarin is the commonly used language

for communication. You will find people speaking Cantonese as well.

Most Shenzhen citizens cannot communicate in English.

Learning and using basic Mandarin is advantageous.

Employment Visas

Working in Shenzhen requires a work permit and a resident visa for work.

Spouses and child(ren) may remain in Shenzhen on a dependant visa,

which is available only when a member of the family holds an employment

visa. Please note that a dependent visa can only be obtained upon

presentation of an original marriage certificate for your spouse, and original

birth certificates for your child(ren).

Income Tax

Income tax is deducted at source in China.

The progressive tax rate is from 3% to 45%.