Admission Policy

Based on the remarkable achievements of Shenzhen Foreign Languages School (SFLS) since its establishment more than 25 years ago, it has become a well-recognised brand among the residents in Shenzhen and made contributions to the internationalization of education. SFLS established Shenwai Longgang International School (SLIS) in Fall 2017, to meet the increasing demands for international education and provide high-quality educational resources, with the great support and leadership from Municipal Education Bureau.

SLIS aims in future to offer a globally recognised and rigorous international programme. SLIS intends to meet the dynamic needs of student learning and further studies in the future. Meanwhile, the new school will also be providing courses related to Chinese language and traditional culture, and gradually create its own course structure. At primary school level, the core syllabus will develop the children holistically. The courses to be offered include: English, Chinese language and culture, mathematics, science, social studies, science, information technology, arts, physical, health and social education, and an extensive after school programme including sports. The faculty members include both Chinese and expatriate teachers. This measure intends to make best use of the merits of different cultures and backgrounds.

Admissions are granted according to enrolment limits. Due to the constraints of the current transitional campus and in consideration of student safety, SLIS does not accept transferring students during the academic year 2018-2019.

For inquiries, please contact SLIS admissions office:

Ms. Yi Gong

Admission Officer Email:

Phone: +86-755-2891 0303




咨询电话:+86-755-2891 0303