Admission Procedure

Please note that SLIS will be holding our Entrance Assessment on Saturday, March 2nd. Please make sure that your application and documents required in the checklist is submitted by Wednesday, February 20th.

Application Deadline

Assessment Date

February 20th

March 2nd

Step 1: Apply Online

  • All applications to SLIS must be submitted through OpenApply online application form: We do not accept paper applications.
  • Please check that you have prepared and submitted all the required forms and documents in the Checklist:
    • Admissions Application Form
    • Health Information Form
    • Family Statement
    • Previous School Report/Record
    • Reference Letter from Current Teacher
    **Detailed information will be provided in the checklist of your OpenApply account. Applications cannot be processed until all of the required materials have been provided to the Admissions Office.

Step 2: Application Review

  • Upon receiving the application, our Admissions officer will review the application in accordance with SLIS admissions policy.
  • Further communication will be made by our Admissions officer directly to the applicant should there be problem with the application.

Step 3: Entrance Assessment

  • After completing the above steps, candidates may be invited to the admissions assessment. An invitation letter, specifying details of the Assessment Day via OpenApply system, Email and SMS will be send to those candidates at least two weeks before the assessment day.
  • The date of the assessment will be announced by the end of October at the beginning of the Admissions cycle.

Step 4: Admissions Decisions

  • Decisions will be communicated with the applicant (family) within 2 weeks after the assessment through OpenApply system and Email.
  • Please note that the admissions assessment material is private; parents will not be entitled to the original or a copy.

Step 5: Enrolment

  • Once admission has been offered and communicated, the family has a limited period, specified by SLIS, in which to accept it. Certain fees will be required at the time of acceptance to the school. Further details will be explained in the acceptance package.





3月 2日


  • 我校暂不接受纸质申请,所有申请必须通过OpenApply网站提交
  • 请确保您提交所有要求的表格及材料:
    • 入学申请表
    • 学生健康信息表
    • 家庭陈述
    • 原就读学校学习报告
    • 现任老师推荐信



  • 收到学生完整的入学申请后,招生工作人员将审核您提交的所有材料。
  • 如有需要,招生工作人员将直接通过邮件或电话与您联系。


  • 完成前面两步后,学校将向您发送入学测评邀请。学校将至少在测评日期两周前,通过OpenApply系统、邮件及短信向您发送邀请。具体测评信息请以邀请内容为准。
  • 学校入学测评日期将于近期公布。


  • 测评结束两周内,学校将通过OpenApply系统及邮件向家庭告知录取结果。
  • 测评内容及其中细节,将由学校保留,请您知悉。


  • 当学校发出录取邮件后,学生(家庭)将需要在特定时间内作出回复。如学生确认入读,家长需在特定时间内缴纳相关费用。届时,随录取邮件发出的资料中将会有具体信息及更详细的解释说明。


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