Entrance Assessment Information

Admission Criteria

Citizenship/Residency: SLIS only accepts applications from foreign passport/foreign permanent residents holders or residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Age and Grade Levels: Applicants for admission to a grade level must have reached the specified age on or before September 1st (the cut-off date). In addition to age, emotional, developmental and physical maturity as well as academic level will all be considered in determining proper placement for applicant.

Language: English is the language of instruction in all grades. Applicant must demonstrate certain level of English skills to access the curriculum successfully.

Special Educational Needs: SLIS may not be able to provide the necessary resources or specialized staff to meet the particular needs of all exceptional learners. Parents should consult with SLIS before applying for admission or arriving in Shenzhen. At the time of application, parents must supply all materials related to the unique needs of their child. All testing relating to exceptionality should be provided to SLIS for consideration for admission.





特殊学习需求:家长在为其有特殊学习需求的子女申请入学前必须先向学校咨询,确保学校有相关的资源以适应学生的特殊学习需求 。家长在申请时,必须提交权威机构所出具的全面、真实的相关检查报告。深外龙岗国际部暂未设专门接收有严重学习障碍学生的特殊教学课程,请您悉知。