School Tours

Thank you for your interest to attend the School Tour. We look forward to meeting you. In this tour, a presentation by the leaders of SLIS and a guided school tour will be included.

Below are the dates for the School Tour:

      • Thursday, 22nd November, 2018
      • Friday, 14th December, 2018
      • Thursday, 17th January, 2019

School Tour Reminder

    • Due to limited space in the classrooms, we ask that a maximum of 2 adults per family attend this event.
    • Tours are for adults only. SLIS will invite your child(ren) and your family to future school events.
    • For safety and security reasons, please bring your ID/passport for security check before entering the campus. Please wear the Visitor Card while at SLIS and return the card at gate upon departure.
    • SLIS is a Non-Smoking campus.
    • Taking photos or videos of students or staff without permission is strictly prohibited.

Please click on the link to sign up for SLIS School Tour: .

Please contact us if you have trouble registering or have any questions.



      • 2018年11月22日,星期四
      • 2018年12月14日,星期五
      • 2019年1月17日,星期四


    • 由于场地限制,每个家庭最多只能请两位成员出席。
    • 该活动仅面向成人开放。学校将再次邀请您和您的孩子参加学校活动。
    • 出于安全考虑,参观者需携带有效身份证件以进入校园。请您在校园中时刻佩戴来访卡,并在离开校园时归还至科学高中门岗。
    • 我校为“无烟学校”。
    • 请勿对学校员工和学生拍照、摄影。如有需要,请先征得学校同意。