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Building Strong Communities through the Arts通过艺术建立强大的社区
Ms. Barbara Grotowska

When I first came to Shenzhen in 2011 the popular slogan caught my attention: "You are a Shenzhener as soon as you get here". Frankly, as much as I wanted to make this new place my home, for years I still felt like an outsider. I had a family, friends, and acquaintances, but no sense of belonging.

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Our Musical Journey Around the World SLIS环球音乐之旅

On the afternoon of May 9, beautiful melodies echoed around the SLIS campus when the International Music Concert was staged in the auditorium. Students of all four grades at SLIS presented their singing of 13 songs in 60 minutes. Students led the audience on a global journey of childhood music, from China to the Philippines, from the UK to Ireland, and from Poland to South Africa...

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Exploring the Weather 科普实践,探索气象万千

Recently, there have been a group of little meteorological scientists in the campus, observing weather and keeping meteorological records once they arrive at school every morning. It turns out that they are Grade 3 students, who have learned the difference between weather and climate in their current Unit of Inquiry (UOI), and learned how to measure wind speed, and judge the wind direction. They have not only worked out of the classroom, but also visited the Dongguan Meteorology and Astronomy Museum to explore the mysteries of meteorological science.

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Global Networking打造国际网络,分享全球化教育

As an international school located in China, we attach a great importance to cultivating students with an international outlook and cross-cultural awareness, and we encourage our students to deeply understand Chinese culture while being open and inclusive, at the same time. Therefore, we always seek to interact with the outside world to build an international network for the SLIS community. Recently, the school's senior leadership team (SLT), and some of the teachers, attended the IB Annual Global Conference held in Hong Kong, and the South China Network Job Alike workshop, held in Guangzhou, respectively. They delivered speeches on different topics. After exchanges and discussions with teachers from international schools in different regions, they returned with new ideas and inspiration.

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What a year for grade 4 精彩的一学年!

Grade 4 has been having a fabulous year so far! We have been learning about "How We Express Ourselves". From taking action and raising awareness for global issues to refreshing ourselves on "Sharing the Planet" and the earths finite resources. We have learned "How We Organize Ourselves" and how organizational systems influence people's lives. Now we are learning "How the World Works", how the progress of science and technology changes or influences lives. We set new learning goals for school and personal challenges for ourselves for this year to see how far we can take our learning this year. We thoroughly enjoyed these units of inquiry as it allowed for in-depth research on many different topics. We even took the units further showing that we are 'committed' and 'enthusiastic' about our learning. We took our Language and Math further. Learning about different types of writing to multiplication, division, fractions and decimals. We used many approaches to our learning. Such as thinking skills, communication skills, social skills and self-management skills. We did a lot of group work and this helped us learn to cooperate with each other in different situations. We have also managed to make connections to the IB profiles and attitudes in the correct contexts.

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Outdoor Experience in Conghua 我们去露营啦!

Everything comes to life in spring. All the teachers and students of Grade 4 went for a three-day trip last week, which is part of our approach holistic education for older primary students in line with the requirements of the PYP program. This also aims to implement SLIS's philosophy of "Learning without Walls" to creat an invisible classroom for students. It was the first time for them to stay away from their familiar surroundings without the company of their parents. On the morning of March 20, led by the homeroom teachers and sports teacher, they were excited to set off for Conghua. What were the highlights of the three-day journey? Do they have any special moments? Have they learned to be independent? We have some nice photos to go with the story.

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Happenings at Learning Celebration 竹子舞、做风筝、调饮料,十八般武艺展示学习成果

After having spent five weeks at school, students ended their study of Unit 4. On the afternoon of March 22, the first Learning Celebration of this semester was held as scheduled. Students played musical instruments, made paper kites, mixed drinks, and designed posters to decorate their classrooms. They made full use of their skills to demonstrate the learning outcome for their parents. They were eager to present their achievements. What have students shown during the celebration? Let's take a look!

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Inspire Student Motivation to Learn from Activities从活动中激发学生自主学习

Recently, the Grade 3 students had lots of fun in school activities. However, was it just for fun? Actually, they learned a lot from those activities. They were eager to engage with their parents when they back home. This is the charm of IB. Students can learn from playing, which will allow them to memory better, and create endless learning desires rather than just learning in class.

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SLIS News 深外龙岗国际部校园新闻【4-8 Mar 2019 】

Cultural events on an international theme run throughout the entire school year, during which we will celebrate traditional festivals with our teachers and students from different countries and regions. Pancake Day is a British tradition that originated in the town of Olney, Buckinghamshire, England in 1445. On Pancake Day in February or March, a Pancake Race is held throughout Britain. In addition to the United Kingdom, Sweden, Brazil, Ireland and some other countries also have the tradition of celebrating the Pancake Day. So how did the teachers and students of SLIS spend this festival on Thursday?

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Making Learning Relevant to the Real World真实世界中的学习 学习真实的世界

In PYP Grade 2, as teachers, we concentrate not just on the knowledge itself, but also on how we help students use their knowledge and transfer it to real situations.在PYP二年级的课堂里,老师对学生们的关注不仅仅在于他们是否学到了知识,更重要的是如何引导孩子们将知识与实际生活联系起来。

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Science Exploration at Children's Palace少年宫科普探秘之旅

The students in Grade 2 are making good progress, after the break, and the Learning Celebration for Unit 4 is approaching (March 22). The second graders went to the Children's Palace in Shenzhen for science exploration on February 27. It was intended to allow students to understand how science works in practice. The students are exploring the relationship between humans and natural resources in their current unit of inquiry (4).

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我们开学啦!Back to School

SLIS reopened on 18 February 2019 after the Chinese New Year holiday. Staff planned their lessons and prepared the school well, to create a warm and clean environment and an exciting learning opportunity for our students. On the first day of school, the School Director, Ms. Luka Liu, and the Founding Principal, Mr. Neil Bunting, led the teachers in welcoming the students back to school at the school gate and gave them blessings and SLIS' expectations for the new semester. We all hope our students will make great progress in the new semester!

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Chinese New Year Celebration欢欢喜喜过大年

SLIS campus was full of joy today, with a series of activities, such as making dumplings, paper cutting, writing couplets, guessing riddles, etc. It intended to warm up the atmosphere for the Chinese New Year. Students, parents and teachers gathered together to celebrate the Spring Festival through singing and dancing. All classrooms were decorated with balloons, ribbons and spring couplets. All teachers joined different classes at the invitation of their students. SLT team, including School Director Ms. Luka Liu, Vice School Director Cui Gang, Founding Principal Neil Bunting, and PYP Coordinator Elmer Reyes, also came to different grades to celebrate the Year of the Pig, offering their Chinese New Year blessings to teachers and students.

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Promoting Chinese Culture through Poetry Contest诵诗词 扬国学

Poetry is considered as treasure contained with Chinese culture, and the ancient people used poems to express their aspiration and emotion. The 2nd SLIS Chinese Poetry Contest was hosted on January 25, which was among many other events for SLIS Chinese Culture Month. Students and teachers participated in the contest with great enthusiasm.

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Chinese New Year Message from School Director校长新春致辞

While the year of Dog is about deliver the blessing for the past year, the year of Pig brings the spring blossom for the New Year. In 2018, SLIS has continued to make great progress. With the joy of a harvest season, we expect to make even greater achievement in 2019. On behalf of Shenwai Longgang International School, I would like to present my greetings and warmest wishes for a bright and happy New Year, to all our teachers, students and parents.

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An invitation from SLIS for Winter Celebration 您有一份SLIS冬季庆典邀请函

Thanks for your support to Shenwai Longgang International School throughout the year! As we are approaching the New Year in 2019, we sincerely invite you to attend SLIS Winter Celebration, which will be held on December 21, 2018. Our students will present the audience with a variety of programmes to demonstrate their learning at school. May we wish the performance a great success in advance!

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SLIS News 深外龙岗国际部校园新闻【7-13 December 2018】

On the morning of December 7, the first Shenzhen International Schools Friendship Concert hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau was held at Shekou International School (SIS). Some students from the Chinese Dance Club and Cantonese Opera of SLIS ASA groups performed on stage along with students from international schools such as Shenwai International School (SWIS), Shenzhen American International School, KIS International School, Shenzhen Japanese School, and Bromsgrove School Mission Hills. The audience enjoyed their wonderful performance.

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Grade 3 Chinese Learning 三年级语文课堂分享

Dear Parents,

As the second unit comes to an end, I would like to share with you work from the Grade 3 Chinese class. The topic of this unit is: "How The World Works". The central idea is: "Scientific understanding helps us improve the world". In this unit, we formed our own conceptual understanding, related knowledge, and skills. We learnt about, and shared, stories from different scientists, explanatory passages, and the search for scientific principles in ancient poetry.

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SLIS News 深外龙岗国际部校园新闻【21-28 November 2018】

SLIS Hosts Chinese Curriculum Collaborative Meeting

Building global networking is among SLIS's five major philosophies. Its students actively participate in domestic and international contests, and the teachers keep abreast with the happenings beyond the campus. On the morning of November 21, teachers from International School of Nanshan in Shenzhen, Shekou International School and Dongguan Hanlin Experimental School formed a curriculum collaborative group with Ms. Ye Ping from SLIS to discuss and exchange their experience and thoughts in teaching Chinese during the PYP stage. Ms. Ye said that she had benefited a lot from the meeting, and that she would find more opportunities to learn from her peers in other international schools, and would strive to bring more high-quality education to students, contributing to China's international education.

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Parent workshops and Learning Celebration 家长工作坊和第二次学习成果展示

Parent workshops and Learning Celebration #2: WeChat article

On Friday, November 23rd, 2018, SLIS held a parent workshop on the following topics:

  • SLIS Assessment policy.
  • SLIS Language policy.
  • Preparation for the Three-Way Conference and Semester 1 reports at SLIS.
  • Advice for helping students to choose age appropriate books for reading.
  • Updates on forthcoming events such as the IB Consultant visit and the Winter celebration.
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Happenings in Literacy Month 读书月精彩继续

Snow White, Little Red, Iron Man, Little Dinosaur, Alice... Many cute characters and books were marching on the SLIS campus to give our Literacy Month so much fun! Bring your favorite book, read it in depth to fully understand the features of the character you want to play, and dress yourself up as your favorite book character. Then you can stop fantasizing about being a character in the book, because you are really the leading role in the book this day. The first Book Character Parade was successfully held on November 8. We look forward to developing this event into a campus tradition of SLIS in the future.

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Cantonese Opera Masters Perform at SLIS粤剧名家进校园

A special performance of opera highlights was staged at SLIS on the afternoon of November 6. It was hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Sports, undertaken by the Shenzhen Theatre, and co-organized by the Zhuo Peili Cantonese Opera Studio. In order to give the children a diverse cultural experience and to inherit the classics, the school added Cantonese Opera to its ASA Club courses this year. On November 6, a student of the Cantonese Opera club had the chance to share the stage with Ms. Zhuo Peili, the winner of Plum Blossom Prize, the highest theatrical award in China, as well as other leading performing artists, Mr. Chen Wending, Mr. Qin Yigong, Ms. Zhou Yiying and Ms. Bai Shanshan, bring us a wonderful feast of sight and sound.

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Learning without Wall at the Safari Park泛在大课堂| 走进野生动物园

Grade 1 visited the Shenzhen Safari Park to have a lesson of Learning without Wall on November 6. At the kingdom of animals, the children got to know various beasts and birds such as the South China tiger, golden monkey, tigon, panda, peacock and parrot. They had learned the classification of animals and discussed the homes of animals in class during Unit 2, a Unit of Inquiry about "Sharing the Planet", and the trip to the safari park helped them understand the knowledge in practice.

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Mystery Guest Readers Take Part in Literacy Month读书月|看!神秘的阅读者

Boys and girls, have you heard the stories from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?"

"Yes, I know about Zhuge Liang!" "I know about Cao Cao!"

"Do you know what the Three Kingdoms were?"

Who were in such classes? It turned out that four Mystery Guest Readers went to SLIS today to share children's favorite books. At the end of last month, SLIS also established the staff's Book Salon. The 19th Shenzhen Reading Month has started last week, while colorful activities have also been arranged for the first Literacy Month of SLIS. All the students, teachers and parents will enjoy reading.

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Happy Party on Dressed WE Day装扮派对 欢乐WE Day

Little fairies, firefighter, panther, mummy, supermen, little princesses, and roles in the game Playerunknown's Battlegrounds... As anticipated by the children, the SLIS campus finally ushered in the first Dressed WE Day of this semester. The teachers and students made a lot of creative dressing, while the classrooms, playground and offices became show stages for them.

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UN Day Event演出+慈善拍卖,SLIS这样纪念联合国日

October 24 is the United Nations Day. SLIS held commemorative events the following day, when the SLIS parents, teachers and students gathered for a fun and inspirational day. The students of all grades gave wonderful performances and took part in a charity art auction to raise money for a school in Shanwei City. The event was held with a theme for love and peace.

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Author Visit at SLIS英国作家Henry Evans来SLIS讲述南极探险故事

There is an ancient Chinese saying, people with ambition can go anywhere regardless of the distance, while the mountains and the sea can't restrict them. This is the case of Henry Evans, because even the end of the mountains and the sea can't stop his adventures. The British scientist, explorer and environmentalist presented the students of SLIS with a fun class entitled "Exploration and Science" yesterday, sharing his expedition to the South Pole.

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Students Enjoy Double Ninth Festival with Grandparents重阳敬老,百善孝为先

The teachers and students of Grade 3 and Grade 4 of SLIS had an interesting nature lesson during mountain hiking at Bijiashan Hill Park on the Double Ninth Festival last year. The traditional Chinese festival fell on October 17 this year, and became one of our International Day activities for this school year. "Having a global vision" is among the values advocated by SLIS, and we are bringing a diverse cultural experience for students. Today, we invited more than 20 grandparents to gather with us for this warm holiday, filling the small auditorium with love.

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Learning Celebration Becomes a Learning Party第一单元成果展示,一场学习派对

The children concluded Unit 1 in the sixth week of this semester, resulting in the semester's first Learning Celebration on the afternoon of September 29. With everything ready, the children were excited to wait for their parents to come to their homeroom. This was not only a review of their results, but also a learning party! What did the children in each class prepare? Let's take a look.

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Parent Workshop, a Bridge between Home and School家长沙龙:架起家校互动的桥梁

At the beginning of the new school year, the SLIS community is also growing, with more and more excellent and passionate students and families joining us. In the past school year, we successfully held several Parent Workshops, and such home-school interactions played a positive role in guiding the children's healthy and happy growth. Recently, SLIS held a Parent Work again, which was carried out in two days.

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Learn from Our Community 共享社区 互相学习

Just a quick update on our year so far. This year has seen the class size grow to 18 students. I'm happy to say that all of the children have bonded well. Our students from last year have been very welcoming, while our newer students have taken to their new classroom environment, like a fish to water. I'm delighted with the warmth, and friendliness within the group, as I believe a happy classroom promotes a positive place of learning, where everyone benefits.

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Mid-Autumn Festival in Children's Mind 孩子们眼中的中秋节

The Mid-Autumn Festival comes when the bright moon shines in the sky. It is the most poetic festival. Once upon a time, the round, bright moon hung over our hometown when the old told about how Goddess Chang'e flew to the moon, and the children carrying lanterns walked along the streets. A bite of the moon cake was the most delicious taste in the world!

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See you in WSC 2019课堂很小,世界很大 -我在2019"世界学者杯"等你

On September 11th, Mr. Daniel Berdichevky-founder and director of the "World Scholars Cup" -and Mr. Jason Hu- director of the WSC Shenzhen Regional Round host- visited our school. They had a nice meeting with our School Director Ms. Luka Liu and Librarian Ms. Sandra Ge.Daniel and Jason walked around SLIS Campus with Jerry, the mascot of WSC. They said 'Hi 'to everyone they met and sincerely invited our 3rd and 4th graders to WSC 2019.

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Reflection after 'Mangkhut' Strikes台风后分享见闻,收获思考

The children of SLIS returned to school yesterday when classes resumed after the strong typhoon Mangkhut hit Shenzhen and passed away. In Chinese classes of all grades, Ms. Ye asked the children to recall their stories before and after the typhoon, giving them a vivid emergency class. The second and fourth graders also talked about the typhoon in their daily news sharing sessions, with "Typhoon Mangkhut News" as the theme of yesterday. Each child has been rethinking this natural disaster in his own way.

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Letter from PYP Coordinator小学项目协调员给家长的一封信

My name is Elmer Reyes, and I am delighted to be part of the SLIS Family as your International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme Coordinator. My role as PYPC in the school involves leading, learning and collaborating with all members of our community: students, teachers and parents to ensure that we live and breathe the IB mission, vision and philosophy in our daily school life and beyond. To achieve this, our school community will have to work closely in supporting our young learners to

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Rainbow Will Show Up After the Storm 风雨后总会见彩虹

Yesterday, we went through Typhoon Mangkhut, a 17th-level super typhoon and the No. 22 typhoon this year. The typhoon came to Guangdong fiercely with serious impact on the whole province. It was also the strongest typhoon passing by Shenzhen in the past 35 years. Today, when our teachers and students rest safely at home for a day, I want to ask everyone to think about two issues.

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SLIS News 深外龙岗国际部校园新闻

New School Year Begins

Since the new semester began on August 20, the teaching and other work of SLIS have been going well. On the morning of September 3, Ms.Huang Juying, researcher of the municipal education bureau's personnel department (teacher management department), and Mr.Yin Gang, director of the municipal enrollment and examination office, inspected our school.Mr. Luo Laijin, chief principal of Shenzhen Foreign Languages School, and Ms. Luka Liu, school director of SLIS, accompanied the inspection. Luka introduced the work SLIS had prepared in the aspects of safety, fire protection and teaching to ensure a smooth start of the new semester. The new semester has started well, with everything going smoothly and the work plan of the new school year fully deployed and implemented. The work in teaching, logistics, administration, security and other fields have been fully guaranteed, with all work of the school being carried out in an orderly manner.

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Coincidence between PYP and Traditional Education PYP与传统教育的"不谋而合"

Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop 2018 was held by IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) at Suzhou International School during June 29, 2018 and July 1, 2018. As a co-teacher committed to IB-PYP (International Baccalaureate-Primary Years Program), I attended the seminar on "PYP Teaching and Learning" with five teachers from SLIS (Shenwai Longgang International School). The seminar provided us an opportunity to carry on an intense discussion with our peers from Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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